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Annual Health Review

Giver yourself the gift of Health !

As part of our commitment to providing high quality care to patients living with long term conditions, we would like to invite you to the surgery for an annual health review each year. To ensure that you do not miss these important reviews, we ask that you book them during the same month of your birthday. Give yourself the gift of health and remember to book your appointment as soon as you receive our text invite.

What is involved during this health check?

Part 1:

This varies with each condition, but generally you can expect to see a nurse or assistant practitioner* for an initial assessment, which will include the following checks and discussions:

• Blood pressure and pulse
• Height and weight
• Healthy lifestyle
• Blood tests/urine tests when necessary
• Your general well-being

Part 2:

The findings and results from Part 1 will be reviewed by the GP and/or the Practice Nurse, and if necessary, the medication you are currently on will be amended. This also makes ordering medications for you easier throughout the year.

Following your annual health review we remain here for you throughout the year, for any other issues or concerns you may have.

*Assistant Practitioners (APs) are qualified healthcare clinicians who work in partnership with our Nurses and GPs to provide the best possible healthcare for our patients. APs see patients in their own clinics within the Practice, with key areas of responsibility including management of long term conditions, annual reviews, NHS health checks, and new patient health checks.

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