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In Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease (COPD), the airways are damaged – usually through being exposed to constant irritation. Irritation can be caused by dust encountered in some occupations, where there is poor air quality such as smog, or with chronic asthma. However the most common reason for airways being irritated and damaged is through smoking.

COPD is characterised by breathlessness, which is progressive. The other three common symptoms are cough, wheeze and sputum production. If you are a smoker, the best way to reduce this rate of progression is to stop smoking. Our Practice offers support to achieve this as do the NHS through classes in the local area.

Your COPD review with a member of our Nursing Team will last around 1 hour and is usually split into 2 parts, so please remember to tell one of our patient care coordinators (PCC) the type of review you wish to book when you phone to make your appointment.

Part 1 consists of:

We will take your height, weight, blood pressure and gain an overview of your general well-being. If appropriate, we will complete Spirometry (a breathing test) to measure your lung function. We will also test your oxygen levels at this appointment.

Part 2 consists of:

You and the Nurse will look at your results together and make a plan for your care. The Nurse would wish to hear how you are getting on with your treatments. She will also check your inhaler technique, so please bring along all the inhalers and spacers you are currently using.

Your review is an opportunity for you and the Practice Nurse to ensure you manage your condition in the best possible way.

For more information on effective ways to manage your COPD, please review the following website;